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How people in Sweden feel about refugees
Sources: News Media and Social Media in Swedish
What people think about Sweden in russian
Sources: News Media and Social Media in Russian

The Gavagai Analytics Suite

A suite of tools to smoothly and simply extract the essence of a text, for use both with online text streams or your own data sets. Our tools give you instant insights into what is said and how, as well as the concepts and emotions as expressed in text.

Find out what is said online about your brand, how your marketing campaign is received by its audience, or process customer surveys, employee questionnaires, or opinion polls. Our tools are built with a convenient web GUI for interactive use or with a customisable API for integration in your tools or services.

Gavagai Monitor
Gavagai Explorer
Gavagai Sentiment
Gavagai API

Gavagai Monitor

Keep track of everything that happens online with respect to your target of interest in one simple and convenient dashboard. Gavagai Monitor collects and reads everything written in all public text streams in any language and reads it all, to create executive summaries for you, giving you instant insights into what is going on.

  • Self signup with easy target creation
  • Collect millions of sources into one dashboard
  • "Pay as you go" - no lock-in!
  • Available in all languages

Gavagai Explorer

No need to avoid open text answers anymore - coding them just became much easier! Upload your survey responses and Gavagai Explorer will identify the most salient concepts and cluster the texts for you. You will be able to navigate through the responses, recluster, combine concepts, and find your insights in a fraction of the time previous coding schemes would afford. Save days or weeks of manual hard work using Gavagai Explorer!

  • Easy Comma Separated Value file (CSV) upload or Application Programming Interface (API) Integration
  • Exporting options include Excel and PDF
  • No lock-in - pay per usage!

Gavagai Sentiment

With Gavagai Sentiment you can track emotions, attitudes, sentiment, or affect for anything and everything written online. Gavagai Sentiment analysis measures not only what is being said but also how it is expressed. The analysis tool can be set to give alerts and notifications when the attitude online shifts. Gavagai Sentiment allows you to track a number of predefined sentiments, not limited to Positive and Negative, but also to define an attitude of interest for your business or PR needs.

  • Keep track of what your customers feel about your brand
  • Sentiment analysis beyond Positivity and Negativity - customise the attitude!
  • Built for Big Data - we can analyse very large data sets!
  • Positivity, Negativity, Fear, Hate, Love, Skepticism, Violence and Desire in 14 languages!

Gavagai API

Our text analytics engine is handily available for all techies out there! Our customers can integrate our services into their products and processes.

  • Easy integration and self signup at our developer portal
  • Use your own data or let us harvest the data for you
  • Free for non commercial use!
  • "Pay as you go"
  • Our way of giving everyone access to our core services
"Creating and configuring a client profile is easy and intuitive. Gavagai Monitor’s target editor suggests related terms as you configure targets which makes the job a lot easier than in other tools. In terms of the actual monitoring, we have used a third-party custom integration of Gavagai’s APIs in Försäkringskassan’s own dashboard"
Amanda Wennberg
"We use the most sophisticated technologies to successfully translate sentiments into long and short signals for more than 100 different risk assets, across asset classes. Gavagai is an important part of our ecosystem. We are impressed by sentiment data from Gavagai, which outperforms on a number of metrics."
Christer Hultblad
AFAM – Aktiva Fonder



Gavagai Theme Wheels

Gavagai Theme Wheels is Gavagai’s (improved) version of word clouds. Read more in the LinkedIn post.


Getting started with Gavagai Explorer

Gavagai Explorer is available in beta version. Gavagai Explorer is a tool to analyze related texts to find common themes, their associated terms, their sentiment scores and their importance (in terms of number of respondent mentions). Although the primary use case for Explorer is open-ended question analysis of surveys it can be used for the analysis of any set of related texts such as hotel reviews. Gavagai Explorer aims to give the analyst a comprehensive and quantified view of the data; it identifies the main topics or themes and measures their importance as a relative strength to the total number of texts. This means…


CampaignAsia Article about Gavagai Tech

Here is an article about the applicability of Gavagai’s technology from a birds-eye business perspective.


A brief history of word embeddings (and some clarifications)

One of the strongest trends in Natural Language Processing (NLP) at the moment is the use of word embeddings, which are vectors whose relative similarities correlate with semantic similarity. Such vectors are used both as an end in itself (for computing similarities between terms), and as a representational basis for downstream NLP tasks like text classification, document clustering, part of speech tagging, named entity recognition, sentiment analysis, and so on. That this is a trend is obvious when looking at the proceedings from the recent large conferences in NLP, e.g. ACL or EMNLP. For the first time (ever), semantics was…

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