Gavagai hosted meetup on Word Embedding: From Theory to Practice

On Wednesday, March 23, Gavagai hosted a Stockholm Natural Language Processing Meetup on Word Embedding: From Theory to Practice. A video of the entire session is available on-line, featuring talks by Magnus Sahlgren on Distributional semantics at Gavagai, Hendrik Heuer on Word2vec from theory to practice, and Jimmy Callin on Distributional semantic models in practice. I really enjoyed the format of the meetup, with inspiring discussions and clever questions from the 40+ participants. Thanks to Sahar Asadi and the other organizers for making this happen!


Pulled pork is now officially mainstream cuisine

Pulled pork which until recently has been the most archetypical hipster meal component in Stockholm has now according our live lexicon become part of the Swedish mainstream. Its closest neighbours in Swedish word space are less than edgy.


Gavagai’s Top List of “Movers-and-Shakers” Shows Worry about Global Economy is on the Rise

Gavagai’s Movements list shows the movers-and-shakers of all of the thousands of targets being tracked in our system. The list is updated with regular intervals and is a good indicator of things to look out for. Currently “Global Economy”, a target that tracks various sentiment like worry, fear, positivity and so on, is showing a significant increase in the worry and violence sentiment categories (violence is shown above as VPI in the screen shot from our internal admin GUI). What is the cause of this? To understand the reasons for the current spike we have a number of options. We…


Gavagai presents at Europeanatech

Today, on February 12, Jussi Karlgren of Gavagai gave a talk on Big Data, Libraries, and Multi-lingual New Text at the Europeanatech conference at the Bibliothèque Nationale in Paris.


Social Media Syndromic Surveillance

The Public Health Agency of Sweden has an initiative called Hälsorapport, which is part of the European system Influenzanet, whose overall goal is “monitor the activity of influenza-like-illness (ILI) with the aid of volunteers via the internet.” The goal of Hälsorapport is similarly to monitor the spreading of diseases in Sweden and to inform the general public, the health care system, and other government agencies about the current health status of Sweden. The monitoring is done by eliciting weekly reports from volunteers regarding their general health status, and in particular regarding any symptoms they might have. According to the website,…