Gavagai’s Top List of “Movers-and-Shakers” Shows Worry about Global Economy is on the Rise

Gavagai’s Movements list shows the movers-and-shakers of all of the thousands of targets being tracked in our system. The list is updated with regular intervals and is a good indicator of things to look out for. Currently “Global Economy”, a target that tracks various sentiment like worry, fear, positivity and so on, is showing a significant increase in the worry and violence sentiment categories (violence is shown above as VPI in the screen shot from our internal admin GUI). What is the cause of this? To understand the reasons for the current spike we have a number of options. We…


Gavagai presents at Europeanatech

Today, on February 12, Jussi Karlgren of Gavagai gave a talk on Big Data, Libraries, and Multi-lingual New Text at the Europeanatech conference at the Biblothèque Nationale in Paris. The theme of the talk was the changing role of libraries and other memory institutions in face of drastically lowered publication thresholds.  Details and slides are here.


Social Media Syndromic Surveillance

The Public Health Agency of Sweden has an initiative called Hälsorapport, which is part of the European system Influenzanet, whose overall goal is “monitor the activity of influenza-like-illness (ILI) with the aid of volunteers via the internet.” The goal of Hälsorapport is similarly to monitor the spreading of diseases in Sweden and to inform the general public, the health care system, and other government agencies about the current health status of Sweden. The monitoring is done by eliciting weekly reports from volunteers regarding their general health status, and in particular regarding any symptoms they might have. According to the website,…


Search Solutions 2014

Jussi Karlgren gave a talk today, on November 27, at the 2014 edition of Search Solutions, organised by the Information Retrieval Specialist Group of the BCS (The Chartered Institute for IT) and ISKO (International Society for Knowledge Organization). The main points were three: Media monitoring in today’s volumes of flowing data is not like search for a misplaced item! You need to read everything and aggregate it into something which gives you information awareness – which does not necessarily mean you want to be able to see every item or every mention. Modern text is in many many languages, often…


Gavagai presents at CIKM

Gavagai presents a poster on Semantic Topology at this week’s ACM sponsored CIKM conference on information and knowledge management, in Shanghai. The poster is based on recent experiments by KTH students Martin Bohman, Ariel Ekgren, Gabriel Isheden, Emelie Kullmann, and David Nilsson, and supervised by Jussi Karlgren. The experiments show the usefulness of using computational topology as a tool for working with semantic spaces. This publication marks the first public steps of moving from a black-box view of learning language models to a more explicit knowledge representation. We will be continuing in this direction with further experiments, moving from academic…