Getting Started with Gavagai Explorer

If you have a collection of related texts and you want to know what themes they contain then Gavagai Explorer is for you. Your collection of texts could be the answers from an open-ended question in a survey for example. The analysis required to understand your answers typically involves a significant amount of work since you need to read each text and either remember the recurring themes or encode them in a topical framework. If you have a lot of answers this work will take a long time, but there are other problems as well: the coding process is error prone…


Spanish in Gavagai’s Living Lexicon

Spanish is now live in Gavagai Living Lexicon. It took about 3 days to add. Since the lexicon is at the heart of our systems, Spanish is now available in all our applications and the API. So now you can add targets in Spanish in the Monitor, explore themes in Spanish for answers to open-ended survey questions in Explorer, lookup relationships between words in Spanish in Living Lexicon, and make API calls with Spanish text, for example to get multi-dimensional sentiment (“love”, “hate”, “fear”, “violence”, “desire”, “skepticism”, “positive sentiment”, and “negativity”) or to cluster the most relevant sentences of Spanish texts (just like in…


Gavagai Living Lexicon online

We are proud to announce the release of the Gavagai Living Lexicon – an online lexicon that gives you access to the knowledge our distributional semantic models gather about terms in language as it is used by people in every corner of the known world. The lexicon is based on Gavagai’s distributional semantic models that learn language constantly from live data feeds with millions of documents per day from both social and news media. This means that the living lexicon is continuously evolving and always à jour with current language use. As an example, try searching for some topical term…


Gavagai hosted meetup on Word Embedding: From Theory to Practice

On Wednesday, March 23, Gavagai hosted a Stockholm Natural Language Processing Meetup on Word Embedding: From Theory to Practice. A video of the entire session is available on-line, featuring talks by Magnus Sahlgren on Distributional semantics at Gavagai, Hendrik Heuer on Word2vec from theory to practice, and Jimmy Callin on Distributional semantic models in practice. I really enjoyed the format of the meetup, with inspiring discussions and clever questions from the 40+ participants. Thanks to Sahar Asadi and the other organizers for making this happen!


Pulled pork is now officially mainstream cuisine

Pulled pork which until recently has been the most archetypical hipster meal component in Stockholm has now according our live lexicon become part of the Swedish mainstream. Its closest neighbours in Swedish word space are less than edgy.